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Live Your Best Life


(Re)discover your personal mission and let yourself be divinely inspired.

A powerful mix of science, psychology, coaching and spirituality changed my life and the same is possible for you.

Achieve goals effectively and be satisfied with your life.

Learn powerful self-coaching tools so you can overcome challenges quickly. 

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

i am Ewa M. O'Connor

Founder Of My Mission Limited

I’ve been successfully coaching clients throughout the world and facilitating their greatly improved life satisfaction.

If you are successful but unhappy, my coaching services aim to find a path that leads to your fulfilment.

A mix of spiritual and scientifically proven coaching tools will release your energy to act.

Let's put a simile on your face!

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What is coaching

Coaching is a conversation and time that you give yourself to reflect and get deep understanding of how you would like to live your personal or professional life. A coach asks questions to encourage self exploration that leads to goal setting and action. A good coaching session for me is the one where a client is excited and cannot wait to start working on their project or implement a change.


Coaching brings specific results. According to a client's need, it can be career change, stress reduction, lifestyle change, building a relationship with God and many more.

Senior leaders and successful people often support others in their personal and especially professional lives. Coaching is a confidential and safe space where they finally can take care of themselves and recharge. A good coach listens rather than talks but they are happy to share insights when needed.

Lets hear from my clients

My Coach Ewa is not just a Coach but a Mentor who is very passionate about helping you Achieve your Goals and even the ones you did not know you have within you with her Coaching, Care, Support and her Spirituality Approach to the Right Questioning Technique used. Read More

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