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Skilled workers are in high demand around the world

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As we continue to hear bad news about this never ending pandemic, it is easy to become discouraged. Yet there are several positive changes happening at the moment. While some workers were in high demand even before the pandemic, there is now a great shortage of workers in many fields and this is forcing more and more employers to rethink their strategies for hiring and retaining staff. This has also led to many more opportunities for freelancers. It is important to realise how much power you now have as an interviewee and do some research so that you can take advantage of this situation, as once you are hired it is much harder to negotiate. The current situation might also encourage previously cautious employees to look for jobs abroad. If your skills are particularly valuable to an employer, they may even decide to cover the costs of your immigration.  


According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) some sectors such as accommodation and food services, arts and culture, retail, and construction suffered serious negative consequences from the pandemic and this has resulted in job losses in these sectors. Low paid and young workers were the biggest victims of lockdown. However, other sectors, such as information and communication as well as financial and insurance activities, increased the number of jobs they offered by about 3 to 5% during the pandemic.


It is worthwhile doing some research to see where your skills are in demand. A skill may be in high demand in one country and in oversupply in another. Have a look at the links below to  see what workers are in high demand in Canada, the UK and Ireland, for example. Certain healthcare workers, bankers, engineers and IT specialists are needed everywhere. I was surprised to see some professions, usually challenged by high unemployment rates, on the lists of desired skills. For example, there is currently a shortage of artists, dancers and musicians in the UK . Coaches are needed in Ireland but many types of managers or low skilled workers, such as window cleaners, are on the ineligible list of occupations for employment permits. In Canada, the Express Entry: Eligible Federal Skilled Worker Occupations list has nearly 350 occupations. Various types of managers and supervisors are needed and they are also looking for actors and comedians, painters, sculptors and other visual artists, among many others.


Critical Skills Occupations List

Ineligible List of Occupations for Employment Permits

The UK

Skilled Worker visa: shortage occupations


Federal Skilled Worker Program Eligible Occupations

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