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I am Ewa M. O'Connor
Founder at My Mission Limited

I am a professional coach specialising in helping other professionals and business people (re)discover their personal vocation or mission. I work with clients from all over the world. Clients contact me when they want a major change in their lives. I use variety of coaching, psychological and spiritual tools to help them find a right path and solutions to their problems. I also support them with my extensive knowledge and experience in business, financial services or work for big or small organisations.

Please click on the below link and have a look at my LinkedIn profile if you would like to learn more details about my experience, education and professional connections.

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My Story

Nobody's life is easy and mine definitely has been challenging. I had to overcome a lot of adversity and a number of traumatic events to become who I am today. My passion for learning and discovering kept pushing me forward. I have experienced poverty and comfort, success and failure, spiritual delights and darkness. I know that success gives us happiness only when we are on the right path. When we live in line with our values, we do not need much to be happy.

I wanted to be a coach for over a decade before I was able to turn that dream into reality. I had two sources of motivation. One was that I knew corporate world was not for me. A good job, working with top banks and law firms on transactions worth hundreds of millions or billions did not give me much satisfaction. I wanted to be my own boss and live life my own way. When an extraordinary opportunity came, I knew it was a God given chance. I went through a process of discernment and discovered that coaching truly is one of my missions. I am often amazed at the impact of my humble services and in those moments I know that our Coach Almighty supports me and my clients.


In my personal life I am a mom of a 3 year old, a wife and a stepmother. In moments when life gets overwhelming awareness of my key values helps me to choose the right priorities. Taking care of my family is my primary vocation even if it is tempting to focus on saving the world. In the moments when I am challenged by enormity of suffering in the world, I have a sense of urgency to make a difference. I dream big but I focus on helping one person at a time.

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