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lets hear from my clients

The sessions are really amazing. You get to discern more intuitively and get to realize your full potential. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who is in need of professional coaching.


My Coach Ewa is not just a Coach but a Mentor who is very passionate about helping you Achieve your Goals and even the ones you did not know you have within you with her Coaching, Care, Support and her Spirituality Approach to the Right Questioning Technique used.

I had approached her to know more about Career Coaching but she helped me discover other talents and skills set for other types of Coaching.

She Motivated me to Ignite my Passion with a follow through process that made me take Appropriate Action. And one of the things I did was Register my Business.

Her Words were soothing and able to heal my heart & body. After speaking with her in one of my session when i was sick, i felt relieved and restored to health with passion to keep moving.

She didn't just give me advice but she Inspired, backed it with meaningful Resources, Practical Approach and the Right Questions that helped Self Healing.

I will forever be Grateful to God for her Coaching and for what i Discovered about myself and Achieved in just One month what I had been struggling for years.

She was Practical and Approachable with a personality that makes her coaching feel like you're chatting with a Friend.

I would recommend her Any day or Time because she is Tested, Trusted and Certified by Me.... I am a Better version of Myself.

She is Truly fulfilling her Vocation not just a Mission. She is My Coach, Mentor, Friend and Motivator.


The sessions were really amazing. Ms.Ewa has always been very empathetic and compassionate always during the session to listen to my problems.
She is very generous and professional about her session.
The one thing I really like about the session was she always helps each one of us discern our purpose for life through various spiritual exercises and techniques which helps to deal with daily stress and to tackle all the problems.

She also gave some videos which really helped me to gain insight and move ahead towards life.
She is always supportive and approachable whenever the client wants to share his/her problems.
She is very compassionate and polite while coaching. She always facilitates clients decisions.
Today I am able to cope well with my day to day life. I am more resilient to face challenges and hurdles in life .

I have a confident in me that I am an optimistic person and marching forward to bring this change brought by her in others life's too.


Dear Ewa,

You are a charismatic personality for me. My experience with ewa was a huge success. You made me able to easily identify the areas I wanted to work on and incorporate strategies to feel empowered and move forward.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards you and your supporting, sensitive, and valuable skills you applied on me.

"If you're considering making changes in your life or career, I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend you contact to miss Ewa.

megha singh bargurjar

My hearty gratitude for giving me your time and note worthy insights. At the beginning I didn't have clarity but you have helped  me fine my footing. Its safe to say that I have a lot more clarity now on what I want to pursue. I am more confident and less anxious. Thank you very much.

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