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I am jealous

I came across an interview on YouTube with a Polish family (SailOceans) who lives on a big boat and sails where they feel like it. They raise their two small children on the boat. It is not always easy but they love their lifestyle and independence.

I got jealous when I was listening to their story. I would love a lot of what they have. I do not need a boat although one day I might buy a campervan. I put travelling on hold as it felt too difficult with a baby... But she is ready for some new adventures now. I will allow myself to explore more this weekend. We will visit one of my favourite green spots outside Dublin. I want my daughter to love nature and draw strength from it when she gets older. I also hope she will learn a lot by experiencing instead of just reading books.

I even feel like experiencing a little of live of a digital nomad. Renting a small house in a quiet town in Italy. If only this pandemic would go away so we could travel safely again. It is encouraging and inspiring that more and more people do this. Corporate jobs are not for everyone. Luckily the pandemic forced us to seek new ways of working and living. Internet gives us so many new ways of earning our income. For many people there is no going back to traditional jobs. Newly found freedom feels too good to lose it. I am tempted to explore these opportunities so I can live a more fulfilling life. It is too hard to resist.

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