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A quick mood fix

It is interesting how many benefits journaling brings. It is an activity recommended by many spiritual masters such as St. Ignatius of Loyola and psychologists such as Jordan Peterson. Journaling not only helps us to organise our thoughts but can even bring healing. Jordan Peterson recommends journaling as one of essential ways to heal past hursts and even trauma. It is as if traumatic experiences move to a different part of brain through the process of writing. Thanks to that our memories become less upsetting. We process them and integrate them into the story of our lives. We might even make some sense of them and see the bright side.

I have experienced positive impact of journalling myself today. I was procrastinating a certain task. I was so eager to avoid it that I even considered tidying up as a way of distracting myself. I even spent over an hour working on normally despised admin work. Catching up on admin helped to improve my mood but the darkness was still handing above me. I noticed my journal on my desk and I decided to write a few words. I wrote less than two pages within a few minutes and my mood has been transformed! I felt lost before. I was unable to decide which way to go. When I wrote down my options it become clear immediately that I want them all. I do not want to drop anything from that list. As soon as I realised that I felt a gentle consolation lightning up my soul. Amazing. Try it.

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