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The bright side of quitting a job

Today I would like to reflect on the bright side of quitting my job. Everyone knows the risks related to quitting a job. The main one of them is that we put our financial security at risk. I quit my job in the middle of the pandemic. I was both excited and scared. Over the last two years I have been trying to find the lifestyle and work life mix that would be best for me. It seems I am finally getting there. I raise my daughter, try to have a decent married and family life, I am working on my business, help with a charity and try to finally have time to relax and grow spiritually.

I quit my job for three main reasons. The first one was that I discovered that financial services is not for me. My expertise might be valued by my employers but I find this type of work soul destroying. Nothing is wrong with financial services. It is very important but... it has nothing to do with what I really want to do. In my early twenties I rejected my interest in psychology as I thought it was not scientific enough. I also thought this type of job would not give me the financial security that I desperately needed. I kept working in financial services for over 13 years and... I kept dreaming about changing my career. Once I discovered coaching, I knew it was it. Psychology taught me a lot but somehow coaching appeals to me more. Maybe because it is more about soul searching and listening to yourself. Applying certain psychological techniques to myself definitely helps but my life satisfaction changes dramatically when I live in line with my values (despite challenges).

The second reason is that I have always wanted to be self employed. I have diverse talents and interests and I like using them all. Earlier in my career, I had always felt that I used a small portion of my talents. I am also not good at obediently taking orders, going to office parties - all of which (and more) is needed to succeed in corporations. I worked hard for so many years in my life and I felt it was mostly others who were benefiting from my work. I want to try my own business so that I can finally reap the rewards of my labour.

The third reason for quitting my job was the most important one. It actually gave me the courage to try to live the way I had always wanted. This reason is my daughter. The first half of my life was full of trauma so I put a lot of value on a happy childhood. It was heartbreaking for my daughter and me when we had to limit to a minimum the time we spent together because I had to go back to work 4 days per week. I am one of the few people who benefited from lockdowns as crèches were closed and we had to keep our daughter at home. We never sent her back. A few months ago somebody asked me why I was not sending my daughter to Montessori. I lost the power of speech for a moment thinking... why would I do that when she can stay at home? Could anyone who takes care of many other kids, take care of my little girl as well as we do? The obvious answer is... no. Today my princess was wearing her tutu before her ballet class. I was so grateful to God for this happy moment. I was so happy seeing her looking cute and being delighted with herself. I was putting her to sleep a moment ago and I was watching her getting ready. I took just two seconds to appreciate again how cute she is and I thought, quitting that job was such a good decision. If I had continued working that way, I would be too stressed, depressed and exhausted to be able to enjoy moments like these.

I have an inner compass that I use when I have to make important decisions. I try to do what gives me peace and joy... I believe that is how we align ourself with God's purpose for us. This is how we can experience greater joy. As someone who has been through a lot in life, I am relieved to see that, sometimes, it is actually possible to be truly happy. My mission in life is to help others find a path to the greatest life satisfaction and the least suffering in life. Our lives are like a puzzle, all the pieces need to fit together to make a perfect picture. We can get there by pursuing what gives us peace and joy.

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